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Latest News (Last Update: December 14, 2008)

CS Soundcrew - Fused.

After months of anticipation, CS Soundcrew has released its first ever Bollywood remix album. This 80-minute non-stop CD contains a collection of ground shaking bollywood and electrohouse hits. With 57 mash-up tracks from eastern and western worlds, CS Soundcrew brings a mindblowing album to be fused into your stereo.

get fused. click here.

About Us

CS Soundcrew introduces high energy, beat rocking music that will definitely get your heart pumping. Our distinct sound dubbed the 'Live Remix' has taken over the world club scene by storm. CS Soundcrew's 'Live Remix' is composed of mainstream music, merged with subtle sounds of ethnic instruments, and then intermixed with live rhythmic tones from our world class percussionists. CS Soundcrew truly creates the most unique sound heard in the nightclub scene. Our music specialists are knowledgeable in various genres including Top 40, Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip-Hop, House, Reggae, Soca, Old School and Garba Raas, to name a few. Focusing our talents in both music production and live events, CS Soundcrew's musical versatility surpasses most.

any genre, anytime, anywhere...
CS Soundcrew invented the Live Remix.

For more information, bookings, mixing/recording and general inquiries:
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